About Chicago Swim School

At Chicago Swim School, we are dedicated to preventing drowning by teaching children and their families to be safer around all types of water. Every progression step has a specific safety skill built in from our StarBaby program thru our most advanced technique level. Additional steps are included to educate parents on practices to create a safer swim experience for their whole family. Integrated character development lessons, a cornerstone of our process, makes us unique among all children’s programs. We want students to not only learn to swim but to feel confident throughout the learning process. Making agreements with students to help develop responsibility and accountability builds their self-esteem and keeps them engaged. Because we encourage continual feedback between parents and instructors, our team is built to ensure your child’s success. From the front desk to the pool, we get to know both our students and their families so challenges can be addressed and victories celebrated. At Chicago Swim School, our goal is that every student feels like a star. What is the result? Families are safer around all types of water! Students complete the program confident in and out of the pool, with memories to last a lifetime.