Chicago Swim School

At Chicago Swim School, progress is so important that we guarantee it!  Our INDUSTRY LEADING guarantee is that students, in StarKids group classes, will achieve a new skill between 3-5 hours of instruction or get additional lessons for free. In this range, lower ability levels, which are less technique intensive, require less time. The higher levels, which are more technique intensive, may require a little more time.

If your swimmer hasn’t achieved a new skill in the designated time frame, they will be automatically evaluated by a deck leader to determine what additional steps can be taken to ensure progress. The deck leader will then discuss your student’s progression, develop a more enhanced plan, and offer a free progress guarantee lesson.  


Children should feel great about themselves and be confident in all areas of their life from the foundation built through swim lessons.


Children working together as a team feel a sense of belonging and being part of a community.


Children build self-esteem when they learn new skills, progress, and achieve success!