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What do I do if my child needs to miss a class?
Although we do offer make-up classes, we encourage families to make sure your child gets the most out of their lessons and attend their regularly scheduled class. Students get far more out of their normal lesson than a make-up lesson due to instructor changes as well as the other children in their class. We can not always guarantee that a make-up class will be available because many of our classes are full. To schedule a make-up class, log into your customer portal and search for available make-up class options.
How do I change my day or time?
We know how busy schedules can get and we are happy to change your child’s day and time when another class is available. Please call 847-870-7946 or email info@chicagoswim.staging.wpengine.com. If you see a space available on the website, you can register for that class and send an e-mail that your child needs to be dropped from the other class.
Can I request a teacher?
We understand students become fond of certain teachers. We are fond of all our instructors. Although you may have selected classes based on the instructor listed, last minute modifications may be made based on class scheduling or changes in instructor availability. Please be aware that instructors need to take time off every now and then. While we will always have a fully qualified instructor in their place, we do not guarantee their gender will be the same as your instructor.
What do I need to bring to swim lessons?
Your child will need to have a swim suit, towel, and their wristband which they will receive on their first lesson. For children not potty trained or under the age of 3 please read the swim diaper policy. Many children prefer to have goggles. If your child does not have goggles, your instructor will have a pair to borrow. We sell goggles at the pool for your convenience.
What if my child is scared or cries?
We know it can be hard to watch your little one crying or scared. One thing to consider is that we have raised our children to a)not talk to strangers b)stay away from water. Then we put them in the water with a stranger. This can be scary for some children. Learning trust is a big part of swimming. Trust is gained over time, not just a few lessons. Our instructors are all trained in how to handle these situations. The Deck Leader can also be helpful and talk to the children about why they are scared or crying. Talking with the child, playing games, singing songs, and playing with toys can all be used to help ease the child into the class. If you need assistance with your child, please let our staff know so we can work with them. We want all children to feel comfortable and happy swimming!
What is a Deck Leader?
A Deck Leader is the staff member in charge on the pool deck during lessons. The Deck Leader will wear a red polo so you should be able to identify them easily. Deck Leaders are able to answer questions about your child’s progress and give more information to your child’s teacher.
How do I contact my child’s teacher?
Since many of our classes are back-to-back, there is limited time to speak with the instructor. If you have a quick question, you can ask the instructor as the children are getting out of the pool. If you need more information, you can talk to the Deck Leader.
Why does my child seem to be "stuck" in a particular level?
Children often hit a plateau and get stuck at a certain point. This is common when a child progresses very quickly in the beginning or takes sessions off. Our instructors are trained in how to motivate the swimmers that have been in the same level. Our wristband system, which lists when your child started the level, will help instructors identify when this happens. As owners and parents themselves, Rob and Buffy can attest to how frustrating it can be when your child stays in a particular level for a while. Their own children have gotten stuck in levels for over a year. Please it bring to our attention when you feel your child has been in a level longer than you would anticipate. We can then evaluate the reason why this may be happening and come up with steps to help your child move forward.
Why do you encourage year round, weekly 30 minute lessons?
At Chicago Swim School, we believe that children who take year round swim lessons learn to swim and be safe in the water at a faster pace. When children take time off they lose the skills they have gained through the session. This leads to wasted time and money for families. We also feel that 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time for children’s lessons. Most children are able to pay attention for the 30 minutes. When swimming for longer, children can get tired and will do the skills but not always with proper technique.
When can I sign up for lessons?
You can sign up at any time. Please check out classes schedule to find the right one for your child. If you sign up after classes have started, we may pro-rate your fees so you only pay for the remaining classes.
How do I register for lessons?
You can register on our website, call the office, or e-mail info@chicagoswim.staging.wpengine.com to register.
How do I pay for lessons and/or merchandise?
Due to our wonderful registration system, we are able to keep a secured credit card on file. You can pay for lessons on your credit card or by check or cash within 5 days of registration. Merchandise is sold at each of our locations. You can pay for merchandise with cash, check, or the credit card we have on file. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
How do I cancel my child’s swim lessons?

We understand there are circumstances where it might be necessary to cancel your lessons. If this is required, please let us know and we will issue a credit or refund minus a $20 per child, capped at $30 per family, cancellation fee and the pro-rated cost for all lessons held prior to notifying CSS.

    1. Between time of registration and prior to the 4th class, a pro-rated refund will be given.
    2. Between the 4th class and the 9th class, a credit towards future swim lessons will be placed on your swim school account.
    3. After the 9th class of the session, no refunds will be issued for any reason. If CSS must cancel a lesson for any reason, we will provide a make-up class. If a make-up class is not available, a credit will be placed on your swim school account to use towards future lessons.
What if CSS has to cancel a lesson?
If CSS must cancel a lesson for any reason, we will provide a make-up class. If a make-up class is not available, a credit will be placed on your account with us to use towards future lessons, no refunds will be given for cancelled lessons.
Do I need to change classes if my child moves to the next level?
Our system is unique because our teachers are able to adapt their teaching methods for each child in the class. We believe that keeping the same instructor and same kids in the class help children better adjust. Changing classes may make it difficult for families with multiple children. Your child’s instructor will make sure your child works on the skills to progress through the next level.
What if my class only has one or two children enrolled?

Although we never want to cancel any classes, we reserve the right to consolidate classes with 1 or 2 participants. We will do our best to work you into another class so your child can stay swimming.

How early do I need to arrive for lessons?
We strive to start and end each lesson on time. For your child to receive their full instruction time, and to minimize the distraction to other students, please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson. Please encourage children to use the bathroom before the lesson to minimize interruptions in their instruction time.