Group Lessons

Group Lessons


Don’t be fooled by the name – Our group lessons are designed to be small in size, with 4 students per class, so every student gets a customized experience. Students are grouped by ages 3 – 6 years and 7 – 12 years for the first three levels. This program is built around the concept that there is a shared core of aquatic skills that every person needs to know to be proficient in the water. For each level, students develop a specific set of skills at their own pace. Students can progress to the next class level’s wristband at any time during a session.

A cornerstone of our process that differentiates us from other programs is providing children with an active role in their learning. We want students to not only learn to swim, but to feel confident throughout the learning process. We make agreements with each student, from always asking permission to enter the water, to attempting that difficult skill one more time before the end of class. The goal is life long swimmers who feel like stars, in the pool and out.


This student is a beginner, probably a little nervous, and has little swimming experience. They will work on becoming more confident and relaxed in the water on their front and back, while aiming toward total body submersion.


This student is able to submerge by themselves, with ease, for 5-10 seconds. They will work on air recovery skills, rollover breathing, and getting themselves back to the wall.


This student is able to float, with ease on their back for 5-10 seconds. They will work at making forward movement on their front and back with increased efficiency.


This student is able to swim, with ease, on their stomach at least 20 feet. They will work on developing side kicking and combining arm pulls with correct body position to create proper technique foundation for freestyle and backstroke.


This student is able to swim “Single-Switch” freestyle and backstroke at least 40ft with efficient technique. They will work at building endurance and develop a full freestyle and backstroke with good body position throughout the stroke.


This student is able to swim freestyle and backstroke with good technique for at least 75 feet. They will work at developing the butterfly and sidestroke as well as an introduction to competitive skills.


This student is able to swim Butterfly and Sidestroke with good technique at least 40 feet. They will work at developing Breaststroke and Elementary Backstroke in addition to additional competitive skills.